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Hey sis, you have just stumbled across the rest of your life.

You have ended up on this page, because the universe is steering you in to the direction of love, nourishment and resilience. She's here, holding out her arms offering a much needed embrace, and we cannot wait to show you what's on offer.

Im guessing you are pretty sick of your painful period, chronic bloating and poor skin? Or maybe you're hoping to start a family soon, or perhaps you need some help managing your stress levels?

Surely you are ready to fix all of these issues and more and become that woman you were destined to be! If this sounds like you, then now is the time to drop in, FOR FREE, to our Fertile Babe membership.

Your health is your responsibility girl, and the good news is that you have the power and control to change 99% of it, just by adopting the education from our course. Life does not have to be diluted by your constant aches, pains and misery, life can be vibrant and full of nourishment. We have been feed a FAT LIE when it comes to honouring ourselves and our bodies, and that's why I am here to show you how to take ownership of your self and your health without breaking the bank.


Once you start this course and membership you will not be able to put it down, because you will begin to feel so much more alive and healthier than ever before. Your clothes will fit better, your skin will be glowing, your sleep will allow you to properly rest and there will be no more bad bloats or running to the bathroom with heavy and painful bleeds. Your life will completely change after stepping into the TWS hub, because knowledge is power, and once you know something you cannot un-know it. Health, joy, love and freedom will be what happens to you once this is done.

Basic Babe

Perfect if you’re wanting that extra education without the cost!

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Fertile Babe

For those seeking the added support on their health journey!

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Bourgeouis Babe

For those wanting that VIP Service and 1:1 support!

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Love & Strength Mentoring

If you are looking at these packages, and you are thinking “Damn, that sounds good but I need more” I have limited mentoring spots. These are for my babes that want it all. I have a small crew of coaches & practitioners who work directly with me in a bespoke intimate fashion. It's pretty simple, you get all areas access to TWS and we spend 3 months working one on one to help you. This dedicated Love & Strength Mentoring is an investment for people who want to jump in, commit and make changes. Hit me up.

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These programs are not for you if:
  1. You don’t care about taking responsibility for your self
  2. The energy you are working from is low vibrations
  3. Theres no commitment to think critically and adopt new ways of thinking
  4. You cannot be your own best advocate
  5. If you struggle to surrender and simply trust the process
  6. If you love shit food, shit people and a shit life.

Still not sure whether TWS is a good fit for you?

Check out these amazing testimonials:

Working with Holly has been life changing for me ! After being let down by health professionals who couldn't help me I had almost given up on healing. Then I found Holly who listened to my concerns, helped me find a diagnosis and further educated me on treatment. I love that she focuses on all aspects of health and provides thorough education and support. I have learnt so much about the healing journey and myself. Thanks for giving me my life back Hol. I'm beyond grateful !


I've been working with Holly for 6 months now, and when I say it's been life changing that doesn't even begin to touch the sides.
Not only has my transformation been physical, it's been internal, mental and spiritual. She has taught me so much about my body and my mind, and how to care for it properly. I now make conscious decisions and think before I consume anything and ask myself 'is this going to benefit me' instead of making poor choices and suffering the consequences later. This women is nothing short of a queen in the holistic industry!


I would recommend anyone thinking about investing in their knowledge 100% go and work with Holly. She is someone who provides you with up to date evidence, practical tools and advice so you can be pro-choice when it comes to your health. She dives deep into women's health, biochemistry, nutrition, hormones (and so much more) and has this innate talent where she explains the science and allows you to question your actions, emotions and surroundings. Holly is thorough, supportive, responsive and so passionate it is cantagious you just keep going back for more. Holly genuinely wants you to thrive in every way from your business to health. Each and every week I learn so that I can actually apply. I can not recommend her enough as a mentor, coach and practitioner. If you want to level up on your health and become a better coach, do it!

Belle Hawkins

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last few months working together. It's been amazing to see the change in the way I am feeling as a result of your guidance. Things that I thought were impossible a year ago, my menstrual health has improved significantly, and I think I could confidently go back to the GP and say 'here, shove the anti depressants you prescribed cos you said my vagina was depressed!'. I feel so much more educated now on the female human body, and have learnt lessons that I will take with me forever, and for that I am eternally grateful. I've already told some friends who are looking at conceiving in the next year or so to get in touch with you, but I know you are also looking at conceiving one of your own so I wish you the best of luck on that.

Mads Jovanov

Working with Holly has changed my life! Her knowledge, experience and guidance gave me the confidence to transition off the OCP completely (after 18 years!) and manage endometriosis naturally. I have a whole new appreciation for my body and what it will do for me in return if I nourish myself with good foods, self love, and a positive mindset. I have never felt better, and I have Holly to thank entirely.

Rachel Arbon

"Before Holly I had given up; on myself and getting a cycle back. I had given it to what the doctors and specialists had told me which was to go back on the pill and simply take medication when I wanted to have a baby. When I met Holly my life changed. She showed me that I can in fact heal myself through diet, self-care and herbal supplementation. She has been my guiding light"

Caterina Bozzi

Holly! Thank you for being the support I never thought I needed.
Before I met holly I was depressed, stressed and completely engulfed in my weight problems. Holly enabled me to focus on myself as the most important and the number one lesson I've learnt is to really appreciate yourself and all the amazing things you and your body achieve. After being diagnosed with PCOS Holly enabled me to lose a massive 10 kilos with absolutely no calorie counting or strenuous exercise but working on my gluten free and dairy free diet as well as working on my stress and mental health! Thank you Holly for everything, I can't wait to continue and see what else we can achieve together!

Tiana Vass


Take a few minutes to watch this intro video. Get to know Holly and her philosophy.